VentriNova is a regenerative medicine company focused on reversing cardiac damage by activation of intrinsic repair pathways to generate de novo heart muscle cells. VentriNova’s first generation product is a gene therapy that delivers a critical mitotic regulator to diseased heart tissue to stimulate proliferation of cardiac muscle cells.

  • No technology on the market or in clinical development, including stem cell-based technologies and other regenerative medicine applications, has the ability to grow new heart muscle cells in the diseased heart.
  • VentriNova’s pioneering science and technology is centered on development of biologic and small molecule regulators of the cyclin A2 gene – the key switch mediating heart cell division.
  • VentriNova’s technology demonstrated in both small and large animals the ability to control the modulation (increased gene expression) of the cyclin A2 gene, therefore stimulating endogenous growth of new myocytes (heart muscle cells).
  • VentriNova’s VN-100 technology is the conductor that orchestrates existing human heart
    cells to divide and regenerate themselves – a cellular function that is silenced in early human development.

VentriNova technology for human heart repair mimics the natural regenerative capacity of the newt heart. Newts and other lower organisms can sustain cardiac injury with subsequent re-entry of cardiac muscle cells into the cell cycle whereby the healthy remaining cardiac muscle cells divide and regenerate lost tissue. This capacity lies dormant in humans after birth, and VentriNova science has unlocked that potential.


Initial investment in VentriNova has been made by Broadview Ventures, and the company obtained an NIH small business grant in 2009 with the highest score obtained nationally over a 5-yr period for all business grants funded by NHLBI.
An additional funding round will allow VentriNova to attain Investigational New Drug approval and prepare for the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical trial.
VentriNova will supplement funding efforts with public grants (e.g. National Institutes of Health, matching local R&D grants) when feasible.
12-24 month growth plan:
  • Perform safety testing of a GLP-compliant delivery system for VN-100
  • Translate VN-200 science into a GLP-compliant product

VentriNova will continue to explore business development and partnering opportunities including:

  • Trade acquisition by Cardiovascular-focused large pharmaceutical firms, such as: Pfizer, Merck, Novartis
  • Partner with large or specialty biotech/ pharmaceutical firm for joint venture/partnership for development of VN-100 and VN-200