VentriNova Founder: Hina W. Chaudhry, MD

Dr. Chaudhry’s research program focuses on cardiac regeneration, encompassing cell cycle regulation of cardiomyocytes and stem cell biology. The Chaudhry laboratory has characterized a critical role for cyclin A2 in mediating cardiomyocyte mitoses even after birth when expressed in the heart of transgenic mice. After a myocardial infarction (MI) is induced, these mice were able to repair their hearts with significantly restored cardiac function. There is molecular and cellular evidence of “de novo” cardiogenesis. As a translational strategy, the laboratory has delivered cyclin A2 cDNA in an adenoviral vector to adult, genetically naive rat and porcine hearts after MI, and observed significant restoration of cardiac function with evidence of cardiomyocyte proliferation. Cellular mechanistic data obtained in vitro utilizing isolated porcine cardiomyocytes demonstrated clear induction of cell division even in adult, fully differentiated cardiomyocytes. Given the significant efficacy of cardiac repair in a large animal model that mimics human cardiac anatomy and physiology, a human clinical trial utilizing this therapeutic strategy is being planned


Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York.

Immediate Past Position

Florence Irving Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University, New York.

Education and Training

  • B.S. in Chemistry- MIT
  • B.S. in Biology- MIT
  • M.D. with Honors- Harvard Medical School
  • Internal Medicine Residency- Duke University Medical Center
  • Cardiology Fellowship- Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Major Awards

  • American Heart Association Clinician-Scientist Award
  • National Institutes of Health Research Career Award
  • Irving Scholar Award-Columbia University
  • Astrazeneca Cardiovascular Young Investigator Prize x2
  • Sitara Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence, Gov’t of Pakistan)
  • Chair of Harvard Medical School Class Reunion Committee
  • Best Manuscript Award 2012 at American Heart Association
  • Expert Commentator on Cardiovascular Disease for CNN
  • TEDMED 2013 Innovation Scholar

Relevant Publications:

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